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I May Not Be a Good Dancer….But I’m Enthusiastic!

I May Not Be a Good Dancer….But I’m Enthusiastic!

One thing I learned early on in Second Life, is that I may be rhythmically challenged in RL but in SL I can really bust a move! I love to dance….in the virtual world that is, and I do take an evening every now and then to head out to a club and dance…even though it’s by myself! Being alone shouldn’t stop someone from dancing! I get to listen to some great music…possibly meet someone new, and I can watch my little feet positively glide across that dance floor!

I may go out dancing today with this pretty little dress from SKY. The Anastasia dress is available at the current round of the Color Me Project, with this rounds color being purple. The pack contains five sizes and a version in fitmesh.

The Cosmetic Fair 2015 is on and .Figure. has a couple SLink nail applier packs there! The theme is Travelling Back in Time to the 90’s and runs until May 31. You can check out the gallery of designers participating in the fair on Seraphim!

Glamistry has released a gorgeous new pair of heels for Kustom9. The Etchium Heels(Maitreya, Belleza and SLink compatible) are only at Kustom9 right now until June 10, then will be available at the Glamistry main store.

Tameless has released a new hair!! Lacy is a soft, face framing cut that has a little flexi in there to add a little soft movement!

The Adore,bare skin in Stain tone is from Lumae.

The pose is from the Kimi pack from Kirin.

Thanks to yingythingy from even.flow I found out about this great sim! Binemist is a cute little area for some great seascape shots!

6 thoughts on “I May Not Be a Good Dancer….But I’m Enthusiastic!

  1. Hey you’re smart, Liz! I would spend hours in flippin’ skyboxes doing my inventory sorts – never thought to go to a club instead where I could hop on a dance ball and at least *pretend* to be socializing. I love it! 🙂


  2. You must share your favorite dancing spots, Liz! There are sooooo many clubs to choose from in SL and my head spins a bit figuring out where to go. I’d love to see you bust a move too! 🙂


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