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When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

Life is funny, whether it’s your first or second! It’s when they collide that funny things go through my brain. Like RL shopping…..I see nice shoes and think to myself, “I have a pair like that,” then realize that the pair I have are in SL. They won’t fit my real size nine foot! Getting my lives confused might be something only I do…but I hope not! Otherwise I’m kinda weird….oh wait…yea…I think I am kinda weird! 🙂

I’m featuring a couple different designers in this post! I chose a different shape for just a little bit different look! I chose Isobel from L’Nyn Body Shapes. She’s nice and curvy with a little wider hip and such a pretty face!

I’ve donned the complete set of the Nephthys gacha set from MeshedUp and available at The Fantasy Gacha. The Headdress is UltraRare, the chest plate is Rare and the collar, armlet and braclet are the commons! They come in three different tones, Gold(seen here), Ocean and Rose, all are gorgeous!

The Jewel,bare skin in Satin tone with the dark brow option is from Lumae.

The eyeshadow is from the Grunge pack from The {Wicked} Peach and available at the Cosmetic Fair.

The incredible SLink nail applier is from the Sonnet VIP gift pack from Hello Dave.

The Etched Hair base tattoo is from Aitui.

The Wanderer Ribbed Corset, in slate, is from SN@TCH.

The pose is from the Look at Me pack from Nani Poses.

I took the pictures at the Spencer Museum of Art.

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