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I’m a Strong Woman!

I’m a Strong Woman!

I say that to myself to give me courage to face the times that strong is the last thing I want to be, but inevitably what I have to be! Everyone has trials in life and it’s those times that really show a person what they can handle. No matter what happens, it takes inner strength to cope, we all have the strength needed, we just sometimes don’t know it. We just have to remember that just because someone cries doesn’t mean they’re weak, they’ve just been strong too long!

The Athena ll hair from >Asset< makes me feel strong and capable! I receive a large amount of review packs from the We Love to Blog review group and it’s always an adventure to see what gems are lurking in the group notices! This is my first time featuring >Asset< and I like the easy care hair which would be perfect for role playing!

The Adore, Darkling skin in Amber tone is from Lumae!

The Elwyn Off-Shoulder Top from G Field reminds me of a bar wench’s dress! I love the tight corset to show off the curves and the bare shoulders for all that shoulder sexiness! So nice!

The Cavalry Boots from !APHORISM! are a complete work of art!

The November Ice eyes are from Poetic Colors.

The Little Soldier jeans in gold are from SN@TCH. I still love the system layer pants!

Poses by [KoKoLoReS]

Pictures taken at the Spencer Museum of Art.

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