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Summer Lovin’


I’m lovin’ summer! In my neck of the woods all the summer fun is crammed into a few months of bliss! We get through a long, dark and mostly cold winter to finally emerge into spring. This year there wasn’t much spring really, we just kind of went right into summer……well, except for that late April snow…..oh and that -4°C a couple mornings ago….but other than that we’ve had a hot dry spring. So in honour of my RL hot weather days, I’m taking some time to enjoy my Second Life swimming pool and enjoying the sun !

As you probably know today is the first day of the June round of the Arcade Gacha Event. If you’re like me I’m just enjoying it from afar since I’ve been unable to squeeze my way in. But, I do have the incredible fortune to be able to show you what Stories&Co. by FLowey has been working on for it! I’m wearing the Bettie Swimsuit in peach, from the “Wish You Were Here” gacha set. The Sally Sunglasses, Light are a RARE, along with the Retro Floatie in mint(complete with this pose)! The swimsuit comes in twelve textures, the floatie in five and the sunglasses in the light or dark pack. So, keep on hitting that teleport button and get in there as soon as you can, but please…save a spot for me! You can try the Arcade Gacha Event location, or Gacha Galley, the Arcade off-sim site to get access to all the action!

The Adore, bare skin in Amber tone is from Lumae.

The relaxed, day in the pool hair is Carmen by EMO-tions.

Hands and feet by SLink.

I took this picture at home in my Lisbon Swimming pool by FANATIK.

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