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Never Enough Group Slots!

Never Enough Group Slots!

If you’ve ever considered upgrading to a Second Life Premium Account, now there’s one more great reason to! Linden Lab has now increased the number of groups an avatar can join. As a regular old Second Life Joe like me, I am in 42 groups right now, which is the limit. But by going Premium I’d be able to join 60!! That’s a really attractive option. When I started in SL I wondered how in the heck anyone would need more that 42 groups, but with blogger groups, sim groups and groups from my favourite stores, I’m at the limit now and ask myself, “to go premium or not to go premium!

I was looking through all the groups I belong to and start to sort through which ones I can live without and which ones I HAVE to be in. The More Than Ever group is a keeper, of course! There’s a frequent change of the group gifts and all are great quality and terrific looking! The latest group gift is the Summer Rose Dress with very nice draping on top and a length that can show off legs that go on forever. Who doesn’t like a group that’s free to join?

We Love Roleplay has started a new round today and lassitude & ennui has the Sunna necklace there! There’ a choice of either Black, Silver and Gold suns with each one having black/white cord options. A great summer accessory!

The ECHIUM Heels from Glamistry look great with any outfit! They’re HUD driven, and with the fatpack the options are endless. And remember that if you didn’t choose the fatpack right off the bat you can purchase colours right from the HUD! They’re compatible with the SLink high feet, Maitreya and Belleza.

The Adore, bare skin in Amber tone is from Lumae.

The Boys & Girls hair *31 is from Dura.

Poses by -slouch- poses.

Pictures taken at the beautiful Tillicum Island.

6 thoughts on “Never Enough Group Slots!

  1. I caved, Liz! I just couldn’t resist the allure of 18 extra group slots. I’m so weak!

    Join me on the dark side! ^_^


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