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You Complete Me!

You Complete Me!

When I feel weak, you give me strength. You give me comfort, when I feel alone. I long to be with you during the dark and quiet evenings. Knowing you’re there to support me and catch me when I fall, I feel more sure and able to go on. I relish each moment we have together and hold onto it as if we’d never be together again. Oh, chocolate….in any form……you complete me!

I love this little outfit from NoName. It’s the Shari shorts and top set and it’s such a cute little over-all thingy. It comes in five standard sizes plus fitmesh. It’s HUD driven with six colours to choose from and the option to hide the top. What a cutie, I am!

The lovely hair, all swept over to one side, is Chicha from [LoQ’ue]. This is from the Dark Browns pack which has eight colour options.

The gorgeous Jewel, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae.

The Fishbone Sandals in brown are a cute little shoe from Le Primitif.

Poses by Flowey.

Pictures taken at Hazardous.

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