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Solitude Soothes the Soul

Solitude Soothes the Soul

A beautiful sunset and time alone is the perfect time to reflect on finding peace!

When a new month rolls around I feel so rushed from the speed of which time is passing. But one thing that’s good about a new month is all the new group gifts! ::KRALUS:: has released the June group gift and it’s perfect timing for the hot weather! The Jean Shorts are great for either some quiet time alone, or with friends, the barbecue all a sizzle and the cold drinks all icy and inviting! The shorts are free for group members and can be worn with or without the belt. It comes in five standard sizes plus fitmesh!

The Vintage Bikini Top 4 is from !APHORISM!. The great thing about these bikinis is that can all be purchased as separates for some great mix and match action!

The Jewel, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae.

The Sunna necklace is from lasstiude & ennui and available at We ā¤ RP. This isn’t a close up of it but if you go here you can see it in in all it’s glory! šŸ™‚

The Sparrow, Darkling hair is from Hairoin and no longer available! šŸ˜¦

Poses by Flowey.

This lovely sunset is found at Sarawak.

One thought on “Solitude Soothes the Soul

  1. Fabulous photo, Liz! Really beautiful!


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