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Sometimes Being Oblivious is the Only Way To Get Through!

Sometimes Being Oblivious is the Only Way To Get Through!

I’m a person that feels too much, sometimes! I have an emotion for every issue that comes to my attention and some days I’m up and down like a roller coaster! The great things that life can bring make me happy and feeling high, then there’s the issues that drag me down to the depths. I wonder what it would be like to not be informed, to not know what’s happening in the world and select to know about only certain things! I’m sure some days I’d be better off not taking on the worries of the world, I’d maybe not plummet so low. And when I’m in a rough patch in my life that might be the way to go to help me feel less pain. But, I’m a person who wants to be informed about the world. And I guess if I’m going to hear about the good stuff, I’m going to have to learn about the bad!

I’m standing on a gorgeous beach with a very light warm summer breeze on my face and looking very HOT thanks to More Than Ever! The Tropical Fringe Top & Maxi Skirt are exclusive to Some Like It Hot Fair until June 15. It comes in three colours, red, berry and blue, and five standard sizes.

The Jewel, bare skin in Amber tone is from Lumae! I added the iron Shimmery & Smokey shadow from KOSH to it!

The Tantrum hair in Raw Umber is one of my favourites from Analog Dog.

Poses by *everglow*.

Pictures with the crashed airplane were taken at ~Santaurio~.

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