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A Quickie! No….Not That Kind of Quickie!

A Quickie! No….Not That Kind of Quickie!

It’s the time of year when the days are long. The sun doesn’t set until 9:40 PM so there’s all kinds of daylight to do the things that didn’t get done earlier in the day. But….the mosquitoes are out in full force and it’s just not fun to be either slathering stinky repellent on or doing the funky chicken trying to keep them from biting. So….I’ll take a few minutes to look at myself in my Second Life beauty before I go check on things before night! I’m not a vain person. I can walk past mirrors and not look at myself in them but…man….here in SL I could sit and watch myself for hours! Is that normal? 🙂

TinLiz is wearing……the perfect casual outfit for doing some window shopping. The :Sing Along outfit from Basta! is a wrap blouse and a pair of jeans! The blouse comes in six colours and the outfit has an added bonus of only using one alpha.

To protect my eyes from that glaring sun I’ve donned the Sunglasses 2003 from Glamistry. And as with all Glamistry products whatever colours you purchase they all go on your HUD and the colours can be mixed and matched. That’s why the fatpack is the BEST way to go!

I wanted a shoe with a larger heel and sole and a little chunky! The Elation Platform Heels from Livalle fit the bill to a Tee! They are compatible with the SLink mid feet and come in quite a few unique colours.

It seems like every now and then I envision an outfit and the Coralee hair from Amacci is the only one I see working this well! I love the long bangs…the perfect flexi movement and the light ginger has always been my favourite of them all! I think I got this in the first couple months I was in SL, but it never seems to lose it’s style!

The Jewel, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae.

I tried a lot of poses and finally settled on this one from -slouch- poses. I love all the great slouchiness!

Pictures taken at Missing Mile.

2 thoughts on “A Quickie! No….Not That Kind of Quickie!

  1. Awww, ginger Liz! So pretty. 🙂


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