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SPF 150….Please!

SPF 150...Please!

Nothing like getting some summer sunshine when winter’s paleness has yet to leave!

I wanted to do a swimsuit post and this little goody showed up just in time! The Amy swimsuit from NoName is perfect for a day at the pool or beach. It’s HUD driven with nine colour options and three areas to customize. Very nice!

The Teena shoes are an exclusive at Round 107 of Designer Circle from ::JK Style::. They’re compatible with the SLink high feet. They will be at DC until June 20!

These SLink nails are one of my favourites from Dark Horse Style! It’s one of the six options in the Painted Pansies pack.

The flawless satin skin is Adore, Nightshade in Satin tone from Lumae.

Sambuca is a new release from Analog Dog. It’s a nice soft feminine look! This is from the dark browns pack.

Poses by -slouch- poses.

I added a little bit of light to this with my beloved Lumipro!

Pictures taken at ~Santaurio~.

2 thoughts on “SPF 150….Please!

  1. Oh my gosh, you have a Lumipro?! I’m so jelly! That HUD looks amazing. Maybe someday!


    • Yea..it was kind of an impulse buy, but I love it! It makes everything so easy when taking pictures…the eyes…the poses and some great lighting. I have a ways to go to learn to use it to it’s full potential though! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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