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Right Now!

Right Now!

I have no idea what birthday it was where it stopped being fun and started being unsettling. When I was young I remember being so excited for my next birthday, I mean who doesn’t want gifts and cake? But with the passing of my 2015 birthday I’ll admit that the fun has kind of left me and now I feel more dismay than anything! There’s no more milestone ages, I have my divers license, I can drink alcohol legally, and I can vote! My carefree twenties are over and the thirties are a memory! So how does a person make every birthday fun, no matter the age? The cake tastes just as good….although candle blowing has ceased! The gifts are always welcome…such a surprise to receive something that’s usually only dreamed of. The idea that a person has lived to see another birthday seems corny when you first think about it, but one look in the obits in the newspaper should remind everyone that the now is all we have! Right now, make the choice to enjoy each day…..be thankful for all that you have….and never forget to say, “I love you”, to all the people that matter in your life!

I think I look fairly young in these pictures, so I’ll revel in my Second Life youth! I have a few things for you to take a look at today. I’ll start with the We Got the Flower Sandals for the SLink high feet from Basta!. The pretty flower part of the shoe comes in six colours, all of which are soft pretty tones.

The Showroom is in full swing until June 27 so there’s still time to get in on the great deals. The theme for this round is Bollywood and .Figure. has the RiRi nail applier set available there! The set consists of eight options with SLink and Omega HUDs!

The Ria hair from Tameless is a recent release that frames the face nicely and has some nice flexi movement. Tameless hair is HUD driven with an incredible amount of choices per HUD!

The Adore, Ocean skin in Rosy tone is available at Lumae. All the tones of Ocean are available for on sale for 75L$ per tone until early July!

The Saoirse top from Appear is nice and cool for the hot summer days! It’s HUD driven with twenty textures.

The Skinny Jeans from the Madrid Collection are a great look from MoDANNA. These are the Dark Blue colour and they come in five standard sizes!

Poses by Overlow Poses. I came across them on Market Place and nabbed a few of the gift packs!

Pictures taken at Crestwick Island.

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