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The Fantasy Collective

The Fantasy Collective

A new round of The Fantasy Collective started on June 22 and there’s a whole lotta fantastic stuff there! Like……really good stuff!! I’m wearing the Umut Scarf from MeshedUp, which happens to be one of the fantastic things there! It comes in three designs, and all of them have great detail and colours! The Fantasy Collective runs until July 13!

Also, at The Fantasy Collective is the Shairin Sandals from Pure Poison. Sandal season is short in my neck of the woods…so I get my little tootsies out in the sun as much as I can!

I don’t know how anyone else manages inventory…but I tend to leave things in the catch-all area under all the headings so I can see them when I’m scrolling by to find something recently acquired. Well, as you can probably foresee, this isn’t one of the most efficient ways of managing items! My list of items has reached epic proportions and now I can’t find anything…new or otherwise! But….I did find the Long Blouse in yellow from the Dimanche Collection from MoDANNA! I had left it in this area and not filed it away so I could wear it….well that was a long time ago…but I did find it for this outfit! 🙂

The F049 hair from Cheveux is just my style! I love the short length….how it almost covers one eye and it’s so soft and feminine!

The Jewel, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae! I added eye shadow,eye liner and a beauty mark, all from Atia’s to complement the lovely skin!

My eyes are the Classic Black Swan from Poetic Colors.

Poses by Kirin.

I took the pictures at Garden of Whimsy.

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