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Broken Wings

Broken Wings

These broken wings can take me no further,
I’m lost, and out at sea,
I thought these wings would hold me forever,
And on to eternity,
And far away I can hear your voice,
I can hear it in the silence of the morning,
But these broken wings have let me down,
They can’t even carry me home.

from the song, Broken Wings, written and performed by Chris de Burgh.

I don’t have any heartfelt words about why this song resonates with me today, but it’s one of my favourites!

I’m going to start with the Flats from {Mynx}! For me, the perfect flats are simple with great colours, and these ARE perfect! They come in just about every colour known to man so there should be no problem matching to an outfit! They’re Maitreya and SLink compatible and in rigged and static(unrigged) versions! I’m wearing the Ruby!

It took me awhile to get over to Shiny Shabby to grab the new releases from !APHORISM!, but I finally made it! The Montmartre collection includes the top, shorts and beaded belt in very pretty tones. I’m wearing the black top and shorts and the white beaded belt.

Also at Shiny Shabby is the Melissa hair from “”D!va””. Melissa ia a rigged mesh hair and is available in all the great colours that D!va is known for!

The Jewel, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae.

The adorable “Air Chair” is a pose prop from flowey! It comes with wearable and rezzable versions with four poses that are adjustable with the rezzable version.

The gorgeous setting for the pictures is The Gallery, a prefab from Scarlet Creative, made for William Weaver. It’s a custom build that Mr. Weaver so graciously made available to others free of charge on Market Place.

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