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Nobody Ever Said Life Would Be Easy!

Nobody Ever Said Life Would Be Easy!

But every struggle I’ve had was worth it! When I was younger I spent a lot of time worrying, about anything and everything! And I mean “everything”! If I didn’t have something tangible to worry about I would worry that I’d forgotten or was missing something that I should be worried about! Over time, worry and anxiety really plays havoc with the body and mind, I’m proof of that! As I’ve gotten older I see now what should have been so simple to see back then, the key question I should have asked my younger self was, “How will this matter in 5, 10 or 20 years from now?” I can now see that most of it really didn’t matter and that the struggles I went through weren’t even on my list of things to worry about! But what I have had to deal with in the past has made me the person I am today! And that ain’t such a bad thing!

I’ll lighten up the theme of this post with some fun and frivolity now! It’s summer time and it’s the season of easy livin’! This month has just flown by but you still have a little under a week to get in on the Summer Hunt! It’s a huge hunt that’s spread over four sims with great exclusives from all the stores involved, and some great hunting fun! Each hunt prize is priced at either 10L or 15L each and most stores have several hunt prizes to look for! For more info check out HuntSL! More Than Ever is a participating store and one of the hunt prizes is the Anodized Dress in red on blue! With it’s unique hemline and lots of gathers for a nice cool look you’re ready for the summer fun!

The gorgeous Girls #62 hair is a new release from Dura! I’m such a sucker for short cute styles!

The Ganymeade Slingback Wedges from Livalle are for the SLink mid feet but are also compatible with Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies. I’ll give you a closer look in an upcoming post!

The Jewelled Dragon’s Egg necklace is a pretty piece of jewelry from Maxi Gossamer Accessories.

The lovely Shailyn skin in Bronze tone is from .::WoW Skin::..

This pose is from the Namie pose pack from Kirin Poses. The Namie pack is a new release and consists of six pretty, feminine poses!

I took this picture at Dead Dollz!

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