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It’s Time For a Rant!

It’s Time For a Rant!

Ok….this has nothing to do with Second Life fashion, but it’s on my mind right now so I’m going mention something that bothers me about this world I live in! I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but there’s a lot of areas in North America in drought conditions. So why are people still doing stupid things to waste water? Why are peoples lawns still green, there are some cities in Canada that are restricting or banning the watering of lawns, and if home owners are restricted to watering less or not at all, why are golf courses still pumping huge amounts of water out to keep the grass green? Also, it seems so ridiculous that huge companies can purchase water, by the billions of liters to bottle, for less than we pay for a cup of coffee. So when will people start waking up and start to think of water as being more precious than oil? Hopefully before it’s too late! Ok..that’s off my chest! Tune in next week at this time, when I’ll be tackling a different current affairs topic! 🙂

On a happier note, I’m looking good standing out in front of the intriguing build, Dreamers, by Cica Ghost. I have on a cute Tank Dress from Eyelure. It comes in four textures and five standard sizes. I quite like the Moustache design!

I was looking through my massive folder of nail appliers and trying to get it into some kind of order when I spotted one of my all time favourites! This is from the First Birds pack from Hello Dave. When you drop by the main store take the time to join the VIP group! There’s a new group gift for VIP’s every week, and all past group gifts are available also!

I made a stop at the Tres Chic Venue and was so pleasantly surprised with all the wonderful designers participating. I threw caution to the wind and picked up the Anazis Sandal in white from AZOURY!

The lovely Sayaka3 hair in Citrine is from D!va.

The Adore, Tulips skin in Amber tone is from Lumae.

My hands and feet are by SLink.

Poses by flowey.

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