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I Wish Everyone Would……

I Wish Everyone Would……

Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but pictures
Kill nothing but time!

There are no words that completely expresses my feelings on the barbarianism of humankind!

I’m featuring a very nice look that’s available at the current round of Designer Circle! ::JK Style:: has four great items available for Round 110. The Madelyne, animal, outfit consists of cropped pants with four colour options and the sleeveless top with six options, both are HUD driven and have great detail! Also included is the Madelyne earrings and necklace with both gold and silver options in the pack. The Madelyne outfit is also available in a Summer Pastels pack. The Jessee Wedges are available separately in two packs, the black/brown pack and the grey/taupe pack. Remember that all items at Designer Circle are priced between 50-100L$!

The Lexi Project is ongoing until August 9 and it’s such a great event to support! With 338 designers involved and 100% of all sales going to help Lexi Zelin fight her battle with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma it’s an event not to be missed! Lumae has released a new face for this event, Fae, Violetta is priced at 50% off for the duration of The Lexi Project with all eight tones available. I’ve added a littl eye shadow from Izzie’s to the already beautiful skin!

The Airwaves ll hair is from the dark browns pack from Vanity Hair!

Poses from Pack 58 from Overlow Poses.

Pictures taken at HuMaNoiD!

One thought on “I Wish Everyone Would……

  1. I’d just like to add that this post is inspired by the killing of Cecil the lion! I mean no offense to any of the incredible people, who are the majority, who live in harmony with nature!


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