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What Is….Is What Must Be!

What Is….Is What Must Be!

That’s a quote from the book Watership Down by Richard Adams! I’ve seen the movie several times over the years and every time I see it I cry like a baby! But, unfortunately, I do that with a wide range of movies! Maybe that’s why no one ever wants to watch a movie with me! 😉

I had planned to get this post done much earlier in the day, but real life took over and I had to wait until now to get at it, so here it goes!

The Lexi Project is ongoing until August 9 and even.flow has the adorable Bunny Hoodie in Raspberry Red exclusively at this fantastic fund raiser! Check out Lexi’s gofundme page for all the info on why you’re help is so welcome!

It’s Lazy Sunday and Lumae has released a new skin!! This is Niska with the exclusive Gateau make up in Amber tone,and all eight tones are on for 75L$ each! I know the Lazy Sunday deal is usually out for a couple days after so don’t wait too long to go pick up this lovely face! All Lumae skins have a huge amount of appliers and several brow and cleavage options so no matter what body you wear, you can make it look incredible!

The Martinique Plumaria Flower Sandals are from Maxi Gossamer Accessories. They are colour change with eight colour options.

The Skinny Jeans, Dark Blue are from the Madrid Collection from MoDANNA.

The Hotaru hair is from Argrace!

My eyes are Classic Black Swan, medium, bright from Poetic Colors.

Poses by Le Poppycock.

Lighting by Lumipro.

I took these pictures at Up to U at the Roche sim!

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