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All My Bags Are Packed

All My Bags Are Packed

I’m ready to go! Summer really brings out the urge to travel in me! I haven’t traveled anywhere in years, but I used to regularly and sometimes I’d like those times back! I wish I could go back and do those years over again, I’d worry less, look around more, talk to more people, and take the time to enjoy all there was for me to experience. I had some rough days while I was on the road, but there was some days though that the day ahead was nothing but the highway in front of me, good music to listen to, and the world going by my window! Some days were pure heaven!

The first of the month has brought a new round of the Mix event and there’s been a collaboration of Pizza’s and Flowey to bring you the Wanderlust Luggage. It’s copy/mod, materials ready and wearable to make your travels look good! There’s twelve colours available for the duration of the month! Also on for the Mix event, Flowey has the Cone Throne gacha on for half price! Each throne has four flowey poses and there’s ten common and four RARE to play for!

It’s just a little past the half way point of Round 110 of Designer Circle and here I’m wearing the Two Piece Sk8r Dress from Eyelure. It comes in Dotties, Dark Stripes, and Floral. You have a little less than a week to take advantage of the deals at DC!

Lumae has released a new skin with an all new face! Niska is so pretty and right now is on for 75L$ for each tone with the Gateau make up. All known appliers known to man is included in each pack.

The HV54 men’s hair is from {MAGIC}. It’s HUD driven with twelve colour options.

The gorgeous Reverie Wedges are from Eudora 3D.

I used a pose from my all-time favourite set of poses from Le Poppycock! The Chasing Dreams gacha set are all perfect for when you have the urge to say F*** it all and take off to parts unknown!

I took this pictures out beside the flowey main store.

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