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What Are Guys Thinking?

What Are Guys Thinking?

This happened to me the other day and I just have to talk about it! Ok…..I’m very accepting to new SL members…heck we were all new at this at some point! But why…..why-o-why… do new guys feel they need to buy a “ahem” a large mesh “manhood” to wear? I’ll tell you about my encounter, I’m out and about spending some time at one of the many beautiful beaches of Second Life and I’m pretty much alone, except for one guy who’s a little ways away and has his back to me. So he turns around, walks up to me and says “Hi”! No problem…right….until I look down and he’s wearing his “johnson” outside his shorts! Now how is a girl supposed to talk with some guy with his “member” hanging out of his shorts? I checked his profile and he was three days old, which is fine, but why not get some nice hair….or a nice outfit..maybe even a pair of mesh feet……before you go out to buy a “tallywacker” when you don’t even know how to wear one? So…maybe I was rude because I just left…..I didn’t want to get into a discussion about it… then I wondered…maybe he wanted to wear it that way!! 🙂

OK….I love looking for digital art exhibits in Second Life and I found one of my favourites so far! I discovered The Egg in the Destination Guide and was totally taken with it’s incredible imagination! There is an egg there….the biggest mother-egg I’ve ever seen but I chose to focus on one of my favourites, Kokopelli! I used the region default windlight here for the proper ambiance!

As for my outfit, I chose a few items available at Round 111 of Designer Circle. The Summer Girl Dress by {B-DaZZled} is HUD driven with a substantial number of colour options and three areas to customize.

Also at DC is the Greed Heels from VG Shoes. They’re compatible with the SLink high feet and come in eight colour options with HUD driven change of metals.

And….yet another fabulous deal at Designer Circle is the Blur nail pack, with eight options, for the SLink Avatar Enhancement hands, feet and nails, from .::PiNK CHERRY::.

The gorgeous “Kreem” skin from .::WoW Skins::. is also at Round 111 of Designer Circle. This is the milk tone.

The Coralee hair from Amacci is one of my favourites, which goes back to when I was a new avatar.

The poses are by Label Motion.

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