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Born Country!

Born Country!

I’ve been a country girl all my life and very proud of it! There’s so much to learn on the farm…..lessons of life and death, of long days and hard work, of compassion for all living things, and the importance of family! The stereotypical farmer’s daughter wears Daisy Duke shorts, pig tails, and cowboy boots, but I didn’t, mostly it was jeans and work boots, rubber boots when it rained and a ball cap to keep the sun off my face and the ponytail in place! I love an early summer morning, dew on the grass, the cows wanting to be milked, the roosters crowing and the promise of another blissful day on the farm!

Second Life adds a whole new dimension to my real life. It’s all about fashion and looking great, the latest new releases from my favourite designers and searching the virtual world for new and exciting lands. This time of year doesn’t allow me much time during the day for all that fun stuff, but I sneak in a few minutes here and there knowing that once the snow flies I’ll be getting a sore a** from sitting here so long! I can’t wait! 🙂

So with all that said, the whole reason for this post is there’s a new release from ::KRALUS:: that blew me off my feet! The Country Gal outfit caught my eye right away with the perfect blending of colours, the intricate and detailed design and the fact that the boots and hat are colour coordinated with the top! It’s at a special promo price on Market Place right now of 100L$ for the whole outfit that includes the top, jeans, boots and hat! Now everyone can be the girl in all the country songs!

This incredible skin is Niska, Sangria in peach tone from Lumae! It’s on sale now until August 29 for 75L$ per tone. That’s a deal no one can refuse!

It’s always difficult to find hair that fits under a hat and I was really fortunate to have checked my gacha folder and found the Heck on Wheels hair from Clawtooth. This is prize #5, Girl Next Door, from the Heck on Wheels gacha. It fits well and looks great with a cowboy hat!

Poses by Label Motion.

Pictures taken at David Heather! I love the bleakness of the desert! 🙂

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