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Life is a Beautiful Ride!

Life is a Beautiful Ride

I started riding a bike early, like most kids. I really can’t remember how I learned or anything about the early days of having a bike in my life but I do remember wiping out a few times. In my young days the only bikes available were a ten speed and a little bike with a banana seat! I was never the banana seat kind of kid so it was the ten speed for me! I think having a bike in the country is different than in the city. The thin tires on a ten speed were terrible in sand and one wrong move could cause a spill or just the difficulty of pedaling in deep sand made it tough! But once I got past the sandy part of the road it was smooth sailing! And since I was close to pavement it was like heaven when I reached it…..easy pedaling, the smell of hot pavement on a summer evening, and only a few cars slowly driving past me, safely! Those were the days!

Thankfully mountain bikes came along and made life easier! I’m happy to show you my new one from Le Poppycock! The Freewheeler gacha set at Men Only Monthly is a whole lot of fun! With nineteen attachable bikes with poses to play for you can take them anywhere to have some fun and exercise! The bike is colour change on four areas of the bike to make it your own and with a little bit of edit on your hover you can get some great height on your moves!

The top I have on really brought me back to my younger years too! This style of Tee was my favourite back in the day when 7$ would buy one of these from the concert I attended. Trooper Blitz ’80…Rock on!!! LOL The Baseball Tee from Stories&Co. by Flowey is available at N21 with fifteen colours to choose from! N21 runs until September 11.

The Skinny Jeans from {MYNX} are just perfect for this look! The choice of pants for bike riding is always important, there is no risk with these of showing off a little to much of the bottom end! They are available in five tones of denim in five standard sizes!

I went back a ways with my choice of the Delphine skin from Lumae. It’s one of the older releases but is just as pretty now! Delphine has always been one of my faves!

The Boys & Girls #42 is one of my favourite hair from Dura.

These great high top sneakers are a new purchase for me! The Sandy Sneakers are SLink, Belleza, Maitreya and classic avatar compatible so they pretty much can work for anyone. They have an incredibly huge HUD to make them completely unique! I got these on Market Place but they are at the VeNuS ShOeS mainstore too!

I went to Chatterbox for the pictures!

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