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If You Don’t Know Me By Now

If You Don't Know Me By Now

I’ve been around the Second Life universe over three years and there are a few things that most don’t know about me! Now, you may have been afraid to ask for fear of being rude….or you may have wanted to ask but haven’t gotten the courage to approach me…or, and this is most likely, you really don’t give a crap! 🙂 Ok…five things that you don’t know about Liz!

1. I have a terrific sense of humour, if you like sarcastic quick wit mixed with puns and good natured insults!

2. I’m basically an introvert so I’m not likely to start a conversation, but I’m more than willing to share thoughts and feelings with whoever dares to approach me!

3. I love to have outdoor space to live in so that I can see the sky and smell the fresh air…oh wait…that’s RL!

4. I’d rather be a hammer than a nail!

5. I’m an impulse buyer…and have an issue in controlling impulses!

I think I look completely stunning this evening in my Alena Casual Summer Dress from .::PiNK CHERRY::.. It’s available at Round 112 of Designer Circle and comes in four colour choices. Gorgeous!

Also at Designer Circle is the Michelle Heels from VG Shoes. They and come in a total of eight colours, including this Orchid colour. They’re compatible with TMP, Ouch and SLink, High feet.

The Tokyo Nights nail polish from Veechi are compatible with SLink and Maitreya. The HUD has ten colour options, all bright and shiny!

The Fae, bare skin in Peach tone is from Lumae. I’ve added a little eye shadow from Izzie’s and some lip colour from Aeva/Heartsick to it.

The Ruri hair is from D!va!

Poses by Le Poppycock!

I took these pictures at home in front of my little wood stove and a great lamp from Scarlet Creative.

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