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I’ll Be Your Huckleberry!

I'll Be Your Huckleberry!

What does a person need from others in life? A friend that will always listen, even when it’s been said many times before? A person who will be objective and can be trusted to say the truth, not just what needs to be heard? A girl that can make you laugh, even when it feels like laughter will never come again? A buddy to hang out with and just enjoy being together? A gal to walk life’s pathways with? If that’s what you need in your life….I’m your huckleberry!

Eyelure is participating in Round 1112 of Designer Circle with this cute casual outfit! The Dyed Tank and Softest Shorts can be purchased separately and comes in three colours. The top is compatible with the classic avatar and SLink, Belleza, Maitreya and Omega, the shorts come in 8 sizes.

The Wash Biannual Sale has come around again and Lumae has a very nice selection of tones with the Plum Delight make up. This is Niska in Peach tone.

The Bucket Hat/SONO hair from Argrace is great for keeping the sun out of my eyes while on the beach. This hat texture was exclusive to Hair Fair 2015.

Poses by KoKoLoReS.

When I heard about Santaurio closing I was crushed! I’dropped in there for this shot and hope to get back a few more times! From now until closing it’s wide open for anyone to take in the awesome scenery.

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