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Domestic Goddess in the Real World!

Domestic Goddess in the Real World!

Fashion goddess in Second Life!! It’s a lovely sunny Saturday morning in my spot on this globe of ours, and I’m busy being a domestic goddess! I’ve done the dishes, a load of laundry and have made a batch of mozzarella cheese! I’ll be doing some pickles this afternoon to top it all off! All I need to do is vacuum and I’ll have the title of Goddess of Domestica by my name! But, in this more exciting Second Life of mine I’m a goddess of fine fashion! I have no idea why anyone would want a bathroom and kitchen in SL….who wants to clean them! 🙂 I spend my SL time changing outfits….and changing outfits…and again…changing outfits! But that’s the fun of it all…SL is all about fashion, shopping and being anything you want to be! 🙂

I was totally drawn in by this eye popping colour combination! This is Porcelina by Prism and it has such rich and vibrant colours! The outfit is HUD driven with four different colour combinations, all unique and eye catching! It comes in six sizes and a fitmesh option!

Every now and then I like to delve into the dark recesses of my Lumae folder and find an older skin that’s still lookin’ good! This is Eliana, bare in Honey tone. I added a little eye shadow and eye liner from Atia’s and lip colour from MOCK Cosmetics!

I just had to show this hair again from Mina Hair. It’s option A of Milou! There’s two different twists to the same hair and has busty and normal options along with materials and non-materials options. I found this at the Mina Hair store at The Deck.

I finally managed to get in to Collabor88! Since I’m always a sucker for poses I grabbed the Holocene pack of poses from MARUKIN! This is three of the seven in the pack!

The Cordelia Platform Heels V.3 are from Livalle!

I took the shots at Tableau!

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