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What’s On Your CV?

What's On Your CV?

An interesting coffee time topic was raised the other day at home and it got a rousing conversation going! What’s on your resume and what kind of job would you neglect to put on your resume because of it’s title and duties! I’ll give a brief summary of mine…nothing too odd for a farm girl! Ok…..long haul truck driver, dairy herds-person, gas jockey :P, waitress at coffee shop, custom baker, and clerk at a livestock supply store! I’m sure there’s a few others that I can’t recall right now! As you can see I never really chose a career, I was kind of a drifter that lived on a whim! 🙂 Anyway, it was decided that a job as a “chicken sexer” would only be used on a resume if it was the only work experience a person had…or they were applying to be a chicken sexer! If you’re not sure…a chicken sexer tells the gender of day old chicks! What have you got on your resume that may seem odd to some…but completely natural to you? Drop me a comment…I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

Today, I’m really rockin’ the Zipper Chevron Dress in Berry from More Than Ever! It comes in four great colours and is on at 40% off until September 19 for group members! The group is free to join so now’s the time! There’s group gifts released regularly so it’s a group well worth being in! Remember to activate your tag before purchase!

The Mary Pumps, RARE, for the SLink high feet, are from GARBAGGIO and at the current round of the Arcade Gacha Event! They’re HUD driven with twenty four colours from all areas of the spectrum. I like that they’re all solid colours to match with any kind of print outfit you need to match to! The Arcade is on until midnight September 30.

The NO.TEARS hair from NO.MATCH is one of the many wonderful group gifts available at the main store. It has a five colour HUD with very pretty colours!

The Jewel,bare skin in Rosy tone is from Lumae. I added a little eye shadow from KOSH and lip colour from MOCK Cosmetics.

Poses by -slouch- poses, which I tried to find the other day and am so disappointed to fall to a sure death where the main store was! I’m hoping they’re still available somewhere, but I couldn’t find a new store or a MP site! 😦

I took the pictures at Garlic Breath at Melee Island! I love it there!

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