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Pain Endured, Life Lived

Pain Endured, Life Lived

In this life there’s pain, and sometimes an unbearable amount of pain! But thankfully the human capacity to withstand pain is limitless! What each individual does to get through it comes from personal needs, it doesn’t mean some are weak…..people deal with things differently! So do whatever it is you need to do to bear the pain, knowing that this too shall pass. It doesn’t mean life will go on and be the same…it means you made it and life can still bring joy!

That’s just a little bit of personal observation. Sometimes the things that hurt the worst are also what’s needed to teach the most!

I have a few things from Round 114 of Designer Circle that’s open for business! I’ll start with the lovely Penny skin from LoveMe Skins! Penny comes in six tones with each pack including six lipstick options, light and dark eyebrow options, an extra cleavage layer, and the modifiable Penny shape. I’m wearing the Milky tone and have added nothing to the skin except the eyelashes. LoveMe Skins has all the appliers you might need to make you look incredible, sold separately!

StormCrow Design’s has this very nice fall outfit at Designer Circle for Round 114! Great for walking in sketchy areas of Ironwood Hills, like I’m doing! The Knitted Sweater and Jeans is perfect for the cooler weather that’s now upon us. I love that the jeans comes with Lena Lush, Maitreya, Omega, Wowmeh, and SLink appliers and also a pants layer for us classic avatars so we can easily fit the Knitted Calf Boots in black over them. They’re add ons for the SLink high feet sold separately but they really finish off this outfit nicely!

The MINATO hair is from Argrace.

Lighting by Lumipro.

Poses by flowey.

Like I said earlier, the pictures were taken at Ironwood Hills.

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