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I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!

Well, actually I am afraid of ghosts! I know there are lots of people that scoff and snicker when any kind of ghost stories or paranormal activity is talked about, but I can tell you, from experience, that I’m not one of them! You see, I spent about ten years of my childhood in a house that had all kinds of happenings that were beyond explanation. There was the banging of pots, opening doors, and lots of tapping! The tapping was the worst. I remember one night, just a little after all the lights were out and everyone was in bed, the tapping started, slow at first and then speeding up….then slowing down again. It was downstairs below my bedroom and it sounded like a cane tapping on the hard wood floors. I was terrified, completely and utterly terrified! I never stayed alone in that house…although there was never a feeling of it having any kind of evil intentions…just the fact that it was happening scared me.

But what doesn’t scare me is a cemetery in Second Life! I could stand out here all day and not have a worry! I seem to be having a slight wardrobe malfunction here though with my pants open though! As you can see I’m not going commando this time…I have my little lace undies on to cover the little gap. This outfit is the Knit Sweater and Unzipped Jeans from Wertina. They’re available at the current round of Designer Circle and they’re perfect for a stroll in a pumpkin patch or walk down a leaf covered path! Both are rigged mesh and come in five standard sizes.

I love these nail appliers!! The In Disguise nail applier pack is the latest VIP gift from Hello Dave and they’re adorable! The pack has six distinct mustaches on a glossy grey background! The Hello Dave nails are SLink and Omega compatible!

The Nour 05 skin in Tan tone is a recent release from .::WoW Skins::..

The Aura hair is from Catwa.

I love a simple shoe like the Danja Oxfords in coffee colour from Ingenue.

The photo on the left is with a pose from -slouch- poses and the others are from !bang poses.

I found this cemetery at Haunted Sleepy Hollow.

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