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A Celebration of Coffee

A Celebration of Coffee

Each and every day I look forward to a steaming mug of coffee done up just right! Everyone has their own preference on what goes in it, and my perfect cup of coffee has enough cream to make it a nice colour without taking away the coffee flavour. I’ve spoken many times to the little box at the Tim Horton’s drive thu…..”A large coffee with double cream, please!” Some people say it’s too much cream….but not for me! I have been known to utter the ever popular phrase….”a large double-double, please!”, but I don’t do that often. I once witnessed a guy order a quad-quad at Tim’s and even I thought that was too much cream! I have a favourite mug I always use too. My go-to mug has a funny looking cartoon sheep on it and my second string mug has a phrase about saving the planet. If I must I use the one with the cherries on it! It takes a certain mug to make a cup of coffee perfect!

One thing I love about Lumae is the Lazy Sunday sales! The newest skins on sale is Adore, Petals available in all eight tones! It’s priced at 75L$ per tone until October 11. This is in Peach!

The Front Tie Top from Eyelure is a midriff baring T that adds a blast of nice bright colour! It comes in four designs, this is the purple flower.

Glamistry has a new release and it’s a shoe you get excited about! The CROCUS Heels are compatible with the SLink high feet and the Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies.

The Sassafras hair is from the dark browns pack from Analog Dog.

The Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans in black are from {mon tissu} and are no longer available!

The eyes are Dark Soil, medium bright from Poetic Colors.

Pose from Pack 66 by Overlow Poses.

I took the pictures at Umbral.

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