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Are There Any Men Out There?

Are There Any Men Out There?

I’m asking that as a rhetorical question because I know there is, somewhere! Let me explain! I’m a single woman in real life and Second Life and I’m perfectly happy with it. I have a full and happy life and lacking in nothing. But, if I were to decide to have a man in my life, what does a woman do? I wouldn’t join an online dating site….I’ve watched enough true crime shows to not trust that at all! I live on a farm and don’t exactly have an active social life so it’s not like I’ll go to the barn one day and find a nice single man out there! I’m sure there are perfectly nice men, in my age range, out there somewhere……but right now I’m just really happy living the life I have, but I’d never say never!! 🙂

I love these Baseball Tees from Stories&Co. by Flowey! This is Vintage Skull and it’s out for the MIX Event at the main store. It comes in five standard sizes and it makes me feel like I’m 13 again!

I remember wearing a baseball shirt with cut off jeans way back when so when I saw the Ripped Short Pants from FurtaCor I knew I had to pair these two items together! The Ripped Short Pants are available now at Round 115 of Designer Circle and the pack contains system layers and appliers for SLink/Brazilia, Maitreya/Belleza and TMP.

Also at Designer Circle is the Jamie skin from [LoveMe Skins]. Jamie comes in six tones. This is Sugar and in the pack is six lipstick options, eight eye shadow layers along with a light and dark brow option!

And one more item at Round 115 of Designer Circle is the Glamour nail applier packs from .::PiNK CHERRY::.! They’re compatible with SLink and there’s a Light and a Dark pack to choose from, each with four colours in it, this is from the Lights pack.

The Sandy Sneakers from VeNuS ShOeS are compatible with the SLink flat feet, Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies and classic avatars!

I’ve been wearing the Coralee hair from Amacci since I was but a noob, but it’s the perfect head of hair and will never go out of style!

My eyes are the Dark Soil, medium, bright from Poetic Colors. My faves!

Poses by Vestige Pose Shop and there’s a Closing Sale at the main store until November 3.

I took these shots again at Smith’s Cherrywood Park and Photo Studio! It’s so pretty!

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