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The End is Here!

The End is Here!

It seems to have been forever since I last posted! A stay at the hospital and some home recovery time has brought me back to where I’m able to sit at the computer for awhile now and not feel too bad! I can’t say anything exciting has happened, it wasn’t a near death experience or anything, it was a ton of pain, lots of naps and morphine…..beautiful morphine! But I’m up and around again and getting better, and one thing it taught me, that no matter who you are, a persons health can go downhill fast…..and usually when you least expect it!

Before all this happened I was eagerly awaiting the start of one of my favourite events, The End, A Post Apocalyptic Affair! I’m so excited to be one of the lucky bloggers chosen to feature all the post apocalyptic goodies and I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to share with you some of the terrific things available when it first opened. But, the good news is that it runs until November 5 so there’s still time to get there!

First off from The End, is the incredible Post Apocalyptic Sewer Home from Death Row Designs! It’s got four sitting areas, plus the fire to keep you warm! Who needs a house when a sewer home is just as comfy? You can check out a demo here or go straight to The End and grab it there!

While at my snug sewer home I’m wearing the Nikita outfit in brown from ::JK Style::. It’s available at The End in brown or black and the outfit includes the jacket/top, boots, ripped jeans via omega applier(not seen here) and all kinds of combat gear! The top is HUD driven with six designs to choose from!

The skin is Ramona in milk tone from .::WoW Skins::..

The Maiko hair is from Truth Hair and was from a previous Arcade Gacha Event.

The Layla 84 jeans, dark wash, ripped are from DECOY!

Poses by marukin.

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