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Are You Prepared For the Apocalypse?

Are You Prepared For the Apocalypse?

I’ve always been fascinated by the whole apocalypse and end days themes! I mean, the chance of an apocalypse happening in my lifetime is probably pretty slim (I hope), so it’s easy to get lost in thoughts of an impending doomsday! I’ve always had one kind of thinking, and that’s, “if the end is coming, I hope whatever it is lands on top of me so I don’t have to try to survive!” I don’t handle stress well, I cry easily and cuts make me queasy, so the chance of me doing well after “The End” isn’t very likely! I would be the first person to share what I have with others, to the detriment of myself and I’d be the last one to pick up a weapon and attempt to use it. So, I enjoy books and movies about “The End” and just hope, with fingers crossed, that I will succumb to old age, while sitting in my yard watching the cows graze!

The End, An Apocalyptic Affair is still going and I had fun dressing up for this one! I started with the Zombiez Harness with Hatchets, the Tattoo with pasties, and the Armwarmers with nails from Merlific. The harness comes in men’s and women’s sizes with a hatchet for each hand for anyone who’s ambidextrous, with your choice of bloody or not! There is a pasty and non pasty version of the Zombiez Tattoos and they’re compatible with the classic avatar, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, SLink mesh bodies and Omega Appliers.

The Denim Grunge pants with the US flag are from !Oddity and available at The End! They come in men’s or women’s and they’re HUD driven with an endless array of options, including leg length, 37 denim colours, 27 belt colours and nine buckle textures!

Also at The End, are these poses from Verocity Poses! There are two packs to choose from with each pack containing six poses!

The Ramona skin in Milk tone is from .::WoW Skins::. and available at the current round of Designer Circle!

The Editorial Hair/Western Wind is from Tableau Vivant and was in a previous round of the Arcade Gacha Event!

I dropped by the Wastelands for these shots!

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