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Inside We’re All the Same

Inside We're All the Same

All of man has more in common than anyone thinks! Take away the skin, the flesh and the mind and we all are just a skeleton. All the same to all outward appearances. We bleed, we cry, we laugh….we live different lives but we all have one life to live. So remember……death smiles at us all, all man can do is smile back!

I have some great items to show you, today. To start lets take a look at the Daisy outfit from NoName, shall we? The pants and vest both come in five sizes plus a fitmesh option. They’re HUD driven with nine colour options for the vest and six for the pants! I’m not one for the baggy look, but I sure like this one! 🙂

It’s at the tail end of the Wayward Halloween Event and this isn’t leaving you much time to get in on the great gacha action, but being such a fan of Le Poppycock poses and props I have to mention this one! The Malediction pose prop set is there and it’s right full of great looks! I’m posing with the skull in the “transfixtion” pose. I’m also kneeling in the “apparition” pose! The whole set is a must have, so get gacha-ing! 🙂

I’m always amazed at the incredibly vast array of colours in the nail applier packs from Hello Dave! This is one of the 35 colours in the Witchcraft Manicure 2, Gloss pack. The HUD is Omega and SLink compatible and controls both mani & pedi!

The Erica skin in Tan from WoW Skins is on sale at the Pixra Event.

The No.Decision hair is from no.match.

I dropped in at Crestwick Island for the pictures.

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