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What’s Cuter Than A Koala?

What’s Cuter Than A Koala?

And the answer is……NOTHING!! These Koala Mini Avatars from lassitude & ennui are the BEST! I’ve never actually done the complete avatar thing before so I was astounded to see how complete these are. Each avatar stands about 80cm….knee high on the average avi and they have an AO and are HUD driven with some great animations! Yea…..you to can sniff your own koala butt! Also with these little cuties you can use your own AO, poses and dances to make it truly you! Love it! They are available at The Gacha Garden, which has started today and runs until November 30! One more thing…this round has a free “Seeds of Inspiration” bonus prize from each designer! The free rare item is only given out every 20th pull and will be retired after the event! So get pulling!!

I’m showing off the RARE Coconut Koala, the RARE Kowala the sorbet common.

I used poses from Le Poppycock!

I dropped in at Umbral for some fall scenery.

3 thoughts on “What’s Cuter Than A Koala?

  1. They should have done an evil drop bear version! As an Aussie I find the different colours interesting, here we only have the grey and a rare albino when it comes to colours haha got to love second life!


    • I’m so jealous! I’ve never seen one, but they seem so cuddly! But I’m sure like all wildlife….looks can be deceiving! Yup…gotta love SL! 🙂


      • They have really long sharp claws! They’re not all that aggressive towards humans though, I’ve stopped my car a couple of times to save them from being hit by cars in the past. During the day they’re slow and sleepy lol


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