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High 5!

High 5!

We humans are strange animals, that’s for sure! There is obvious proof of that everywhere a person goes! The “high five” is a funny one I think! Nowadays kids learn to do high fives at a really young age, dogs learn them and we all know athletes probably do more than anyone else! I hope other sporting rituals don’t come into main stream life, like the belly bump or the ass slap! I got to thinking about it’s origins and a Google search had over 329 million hits about high fives! After some reading there is conflict about who invented it, but I did find out that the low five came first! Who knew! The high five and the knuckle bump both spread fewer germs than a hand shake. I’m not sure a high five can replace a hand shake in every instance though. It’s probably a bad idea to high five at a job interview…..while meeting the Queen it might be awkward too……it definitely wouldn’t be a good idea to high five at a funeral! So whatever way you choose the celebrate with friends just remember that while down low….don’t be too slow!

I did a little shopping yesterday and grabbed the Autumn Jacket in brown from !APHORISM!. It’s perfect for the chilly days with the three layers and it’s great looking to boot! The sweater is colour change, via a texture change pad, with five colour options for the sweater. The jacket comes in six colours and includes five standard sizes and it’s compatible with Maitreya, including auto-hide.

The current round of Cosmopolitan runs until November 21 and there’s a huge reason to get there before then! -{ZOZ}- has four packs of nail appliers there, all shiny and bright and with double the normal amount of colour options!! Yea….eighteen instead of the usual nine…and for the same price! The nails are compatible with SLink, Maitreya, and -{ZOZ}- mesh nails. The Fall/Winter Solids pack is also Belleza compatible! Each pack has fatpack purchase options also. I’m wearing one of the colours from the Fall/Winter Silver pack.

My lovely skin is Diva, one of my favourites from .::WoW Skins::.. Diva comes in five tones with tons of options in each pack! Have I mention the incredible group gifts and lucky boards at .::WoW Skins::.? Well, I have now! There’s also mania boards that change frequently and sometimes contain fatpacks, and the bonus…no group needed!

The No.Pain hair is from no.match.

I decided to go old skool with my pants and shoes for this one! The Dana 76 jeans from DECOY are system pants with prim cuffs, but you wouldn’t know it!

I ventured in to the bowels of my inventory and came up with the Saddle Shoes in classic black from even.flow! They aren’t for mesh feet, but who cares since the cuffs of my pants hide my knobby system ankles well and they still look great!

The November round of The Chapter Four is on and Le Poppycock has the Skin Deep pose packs and also All is Love, a couples pose! Love them all!

I was at Nightfall Cities: Into the Wilds for the pictures!

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