What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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I don’t get frustrated easily! Most of the time once things start going sideways I dig in my heels and get more determined to get the job finished! That didn’t really work for me today though! You’ll notice that I don’t have a collage for this post….it’s a simple one pose picture! This is where the frustration comes in……I had a terrible bout of crashitis today on Second Life and I finally just gave up getting more pictures than this. The one term I came to hate today was Firestorm….(Not Responding)!! So I wanted a few more details focused on for this one…..but for today…I’m just going to stand casually and show off a nice outfit for a warm Sunday afternoon!

The Collared Sweater Dress from {MYNX} is ADORABLE (yes…I’m shouting that out!)! The dress comes in five standard sizes for us classic avatars and is also compatible with the Belleza mesh bodies Freya, Isis, and Venus. They come in packs of two with eight colour options to choose from! Love!♥

The Niska, Pumpkin skin in Satin tone is on sale now at Lumae! It’s 75L$ per tone with all eight tones available. They’re that price until November 21. Also, the clearance sale on now is a great way to get incredible skin on the cheap!!

The Wanderlust Boots from lassitude & ennui are one of my faves! I wanted to show a close up, but alas, that will have to wait for another day! The boots come with a solid black option and this one, the duo tone. Drop into the main store and see for yourself, it’s worth the trip!

The Boys & Girls 42 is my all time favourite Dura hair!

I picked up the Merino Leggings from League at a sale a long time ago! I’ve worn them lots since I got them but they don’t show any wear at all!

Poses by Vestige Poses.

Anytime I find a Canadian flag in Second Life I have to take a picture of it! I found this one in a beautifully decorated barn at Kaleidescope.

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