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The Games people Play

The Games People Play

We have our first snow on the ground and it’s a nippy -15C this morning and it got me thinking about long winters and what used to occupy my time through the years! I’ve always been a fan of games…word games…board games…cards…pretty much anything. Heck…I used to play Boggle by myself all the time and after awhile no one would play against me because they could never win! I remember getting Hands Down for Christmas as a kid, I can’t remember how it was played, but I was terrible at that! I always picked the pink hand and was behind everyone else by about 2 seconds. Has anyone ever played with the Cootie? I used to love putting those bugs together. And one of my favourites as a kid was Ants in the Pants! My sister and I spent lots of time sitting and trying to hop the ants into the pair of plastic pants. I always loved Monopoly, but I could never find anyone to play very much. As an adult my family is big on word games. We used to play a lot of Scrabble. We only allow words that are in the dictionary we used so one of the many comments heard during the games is, “Hey…can you pass me the dic?” We played a lot of Slang Teasers when in big groups….that’s a fun one! My family all have a great imagination and are very quick witted so there was always lots of laughs! Nothing can bring together a bunch of people better than a good game!

Today, my outfit’s all about lounging and being comfortable! It took awhile for me to get accustomed to the low hanging sweats but once I did they’re the best thing for those days when letting it all hang out is a good thing! The Sweatshirt Tied Sweatpants and the Softest Crop Top, both from Eyelure, go together perfectly! The sweats come with the Cheeky Panties for those of us that want to hide that particular area. The panties come in a system layer and also with appliers.

Cosmopolitan is open until November 21 so there’s still a bit of time to get over there and grab up the double HUDs of nail appliers from -{ZOZ}-! This is a selection from the French Gold Double pack that includes 18 colours to choose from. You can purchase a fatpack, which includes the SLink, Maitreya and the -{ZOZ}- mesh nail HUDs or you can purchase them separately!

I dove deep into my inventory to find an older skin from Lumae! This is Delphine in Latte and it’s one of my all time favourites from Lumae! This is the bare skin but I added just a little bit of eye shadow from MOCK Cosmetics. I’ll just add that there’s a clearance sale going on now at Lumae and the deals are fantastic!

On a trip to Hair O Logy I fell in love with the Nadya hair from [RunAway Hair]! This is from the Browns pack which includes twelve colours and also eight colours for the toque! Or is that a knitted cap?

My eyes are Dark Soil, medium, bright from Poetic Colors.

Poses are from Purple Poses found now at the current round of Collabor88.

I found this cute little area to hang out at the Legione sim.

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