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Every Picture Tells a Story

Every Picture Tells a Story

It’s true! I look at my own pictures from times past and I can remember everything about when it was taken. I can remember the events on that day, how the picture came to be, the weather and my mood. But, looking at someone else’s pictures it’s all about trying to read the people in the picture, and try to tell the tale! Sometimes a person doesn’t know the whole story until they see themselves in the photo! But others would just be guessing what was going on. What am I thinking as I sit on the bed here? Am I daydreaming? Worried about something? Or thinking of a busy day tomorrow? Or, I could just have a bad case of gas and can’t find a comfortable position!! 🙂

In my pictures here in the lovely Framed Photos from Bokeh I have a few of personal interest to me! The top left picture is just a pretty picture of a prairie field that reminded me of where I live. The upper right picture is of my gorgeous real life and Second Life sister, Gillian Galicia! She’s flaunting what’s she’s got! The bottom left picture is sisterly bonding! And, last but not least, in the bottom right photo is Niles, a much loved family member who I lost in September! Rest in Peace, Niles!

The Framed Photos frame is a new release from Bokeh that comes in eight colours and has lights that turn on/off on touch. There’s also a no-lights version in each pack! This is a gorgeous way to display treasured memories!

I’ve gotten ready for a cozy evening at home here in the comfort of the Onsie from {MYNX}! There is nine patterns to choose from and they’re compatible with Maitreya, Belleza, and SLink, along with five fitmesh sizes for classic avatars!

.::WoW Skins::. has tweaked their skins and they’re incredible! I’m wearing Ayah, natural in Milk tone!

If you’ve not noticed it, the 12 Days of Savings event is on now at the Market Place and Truth Hair is participating! Ryleigh is on sale for 100L$ for the variety pack, and the sale runs until December 7!

I’m lounging on the Aristocrat Bed, RARE from a Apple Fall.

The pose is from the Grounded Two pack from oOo Studio Poses.

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