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You Light Up My Life

You Light Up My Life

And you
Light up my life.
You give me hope
To carry on.

You light up my days
And fill my nights
With song.

You Light Up My Life lyrics written by Joe Brooks

I had this song in my head today and, after mulling it over, I figured it could mean anyone or anything for that matter! Since I don’t have a significant “other” in my life I figured I could sing this to my dog, one of my cows, nature in general, or even my Partylite candle, burning merrily in my very festive Christmas candle holder!

I was so happy to receive the Puffy Tie Jacket from {MYNX} the other day!! This is a warm jacket much needed on the colder winter days ahead! We are having an unusually warm few days here but if I know Canada, there is cold weather ahead! This very fashionable jacket comes in ten colours and five standard sizes!

I love the Aflame candle stick and pose set from Le Poppycock! It was just a few days ago that the power went of unexpectedly and I was stuck in the pitch black not knowing where my flashlight was and feeling around for the lighter to light a candle! But with no worries about power failure here in Second Life, you can make some lovely ambience with this candle holder, with three textures, and the candle! It’s a pack of six poses and available at the current round of The Chapter Four.

The Polar Bear Glitter Tip nail appliers from -{ZOZ}- Dalriada Signature Series are cuties! They’re available at The Frozzen Fair until December 16. The pack contains nine colours and they’re available in appliers that are compatible with SLink, Maitreya and the -{ZOZ}- mesh nails.

The Niska, Ice Queen skin in Rosy tone is a gorgeous new exclusive skin from Lumae and is available only at Winter Trend SL! It runs until December 18 and all eight tones of this skin are available at half price for the duration!

Anachron is a new-to-me store and boy, I’m really happy to have come across them!! I found these delightful Snowflake Mukluks at SaNaRaE. These are the Black Bear pair and they come in five other colours as well!

There is only one pair of system pants I wear and it’s the Dana 76 jeans from DECOY!

To avoid a cold chest I added the Sasha Sweater Top from SN@TCH underneath the jacket.

The Boys & Girls #42 hair is one of my favourites from Dura.

Pictures taken at A Silent Night.

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