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And I Thought I Had Old Leftovers!!

And I Thought I Had Old Leftovers!!

It’s amazing what one can think of to Google when looking for blog ideas! I wanted to see what December 13 had happening in history, so a quick search led me to find some fascinating facts about this day! One of the events that happened on this day in 2010 was that a 2400 year old pot of soup was found in China! I know I have some old leftovers in the back of my fridge, but they don’t come close to being that old! I’d bet that soup is well past the moldy stage! 😉

It’s just starting to get a little bit light here on the vast prairies of Canada….we’re coming to the shortest day and it’s very obvious with the lack of daylight. Today the sunrise is at 9:07 AM and the sun sets at 4:55 PM! It makes for a short day! It’s been gloomy here for a few days so the days blend with the nights and time passes without even knowing it!

I do have a very nice outfit to show you today! I delved into my Peace on Earth 8 hunt folder and came up with yet another gorgeous gown, this time from Snowpaws by Carrie Snowpaws. The Arum Lily Dress has a pretty mesh dress with a flowing flexi floral skirt overlay, with pristine white lilies for bodice and hair! Pure glamour!

.Figure. is at Christmas on 34th Street with the exclusive Delicate nail appliers! They’re compatible with SLink and Omega and the pack contains eight options!

Lumae has the very pretty Adore, Tinselberry skin out for the low price of 75L$ per tone! This is the Rosy tone with seven other tones available! Also, check out the clearance sale while you’re there!

I didn’t show a close up of the Begonia Heels from Glamistry this time around…but they are under there! You can check them out here on a previous post of mine! 🙂

I was looking through my hair folder and came up with Grace from EMO-tions! It’s an older release, but it’s sleekness is perfect to show off the lilies!

My eyes are Broken String, medium, bright from Poetic Colors.

Poses by slouch poses.

I took a look around Lucienne and found a nice area for the photos.

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