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It’s Not Whats Under the Christmas Tree That Matters!

It’s Not Whats Under the Christmas Tree That Matters!
It’s who’s around it!

I really believe that! I always miss the ones I’ve lost during this time of year! It was always Grandad who made Christmas so much fun when I was young! He’s been gone now for twenty one years, and I still miss him every day. He was the one adult who chose to sit at the kids table for Christmas dinner. He always played cards with us kids and he showed such genuine happiness on Christmas day with the whole family together. I can still see him coming up the basement stairs with a big bowl of Christmas oranges in mid afternoon, he’d go around the house offering one to everyone. Since his passing the festive season hasn’t been the same. The extended family all broke apart and it’s now become a quiet day for us. But, I’ll always remember being a kid on Christmas day and having Grandad there to share it with!

I do look a little forlorn sitting by the tree in my living room. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Christmas can bring out such a wide array of emotions. I mostly find myself melancholy and have a yearning for what Christmas used to be. But, I do make a point to enjoy my family in the here and now and cherish every moment.

With December 8 came the new round of Collabor88 and a new release from Stories & Co. by Flowey! The Tove Turtleneck comes in a multitude of colours and prints to make any chilly day just a little cozier!

You still have four days to visit Winter Trend 2015 and Bokeh. has a very fine coffee table for your living pleasure! The Lodge Table comes in three wood tones with either cluttered or uncluttered versions! I wish my own RL coffee table would come with an uncluttered option!!

Since getting in to the Arcade is painless I’ve stopped in a few times and this last time I got the Wolf-light brown pack from Lamb! It’s all HUD driven with ten hair colours, five toque colours(it’s called a beanie but since I’m Canadian I reserve the right to call it a toque!), and seven sayings options or none at all on the toque.

A new round of Designer Circle is on and .::WoW Skins::. is offering Myst as an event exclusive! Myst comes in six tones and remember that WoW Skins has revamped all the skin textures for 2016!

One stop that’s definitely worth making right now is the new round of The Liaison Collaborative! I did some gacha’ing and got some great Christmasy stuff from .random.Matter.. I scored the RARE Ornament Jar and then the wrapping paper and several gift boxes!

I’m wearing the super comfortable Sylvia Yoga Pants from Blueberry! Bring on the ten course meal!!

The Christmas tree is the RARE tree from Apple Fall from a previous round of the Arcade, as is the Morrison Leather Chair, RARE from junk.

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