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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’d love to sit and chat a bit, but this is going to be a short, but sweet post! Happy New Year everyone…all the best in 2016! I’m very busy here…..healing and resting! I’ve found that being idle is much more enjoyable when doing it by choice rather than being forced to do it. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in my recliner reading or watching TV so to change things up a bit I’m going to take a few minutes to sit upright and show you a few pretty things I’m wearing! Wearing in Second Life…my outfit in real life right now is limited to items without a waist band and house coats! You DON”T want to see that!

The No21 event is still going, and will be until January 11, so there’s time to grab the very pretty Milly Dress from Stories & Co. by Flowey! It’s a form fitting frock that shows a little bit of leg, a nice amount of cleavage and has a sexy slit up the side! It comes in fifteen colours, is SLink mesh body compatible, and has five standard sizes!

If you’re not a member of the Hello Dave VIP group yet….it’s time you joined! All the past VIP group gifts are available in the main store for you to pick up! The Jewelled Snowfall nail appliers are in there!

The lovely Myst skin in Milk tone is from .::WoW Skins::.!

The Bambi hair in Onyx is from D!va.

The Reverie Wedge Shoes are from Eudora 3D.

Poses by Overlow Poses.

I took these pictures just a little ways from the Livalle main store at The Pea sim.

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