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If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

It’s such an interesting concept! To be able to choose a time to return to and open it and relive that again! I’m the kind of person that keeps things for sentiment’s sake so I’d have to have a separate room for the storage of the bottles. What moments would you keep, would they only be good experiences or would you save the bad ones too? One thing I appreciate about the human mind is the mind’s eye! I close my eyes…and see the house I spent ten years in when I was a kid, I have warm and secure memories of that house but the terror of escaping it while it burned is the final memory of it. The sadness of it’s loss was life changing! In my mind I can see me fishing at the river with my Mum and Dad on Sunday mornings. I can feel the breeze and smell the moist air, feel the sun on my face while it rises into the sky on a gorgeous summer morning. I think of a specific moment while I was on the road, I pulled into a rest area in Minnesota and sat at a picnic table overlooking a little lake while I ate an apple and read a book! The air was cool but the sun warm on a late fall day. There are so many instances in a persons life that can be remembered and enjoyed, again….and no bottles needed!

Whether in Second Life or real life today, I need a warm coat! The Bow Trench Coat from {MYNX} is perfect for the winter winds! The adorable accent bow by the collar really sets this one apart. It also has a nice big bow keeping the belt snug around the waist! They’re available at the Black Dot Project starting today!

A new round of anyBody is on and Veechi has the Mega Glitter Nails applier packs there. They’re SLink, Omega and Maitreya compatible and include ten colours! Today’s the perfect day for me to add a little glitter!

The “Will” Long Cuff Boots from *G Field* are great to pair with a mid length coat for a little bit of heel and to cover the legs on a winter day! They’re HUD driven with all kinds of colour options!

The Jewel, bare skin in Rosy tone is from Lumae. I added a little Shimmery and Smoke eye colour from KOSH to it.

The Boys & Girls 42 hair is from Dura.

Lighting by the newly updated LumiPro HUD.

Poses by Label Motion.

I took these pictures, after much crashing at other sims, just a little ways from the Veechi main store on the floorplan sim!

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