What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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I’m hoofin’ it somewhere and it looks like there’s no time to spare! So, what am I running from, you may ask? Well, I know what I run from in real life! Here’s a list of some of the things I’d run from here on planet earth!

* an alien! You may chuckle at that, but I’ve heard enough stories, and some from right here where I live, about strange encounters with lights and orbs! So if I see something “not of this world”, I’m outa there!

* an angry cow! I’ve actually had to run from a couple, and it’s scary! You got this 1500 lb animal breathing down your neck, and she’s angry, enough said!

* a drunk person! Who can trust that a drunk person isn’t going to lose their lunch all over the place at any time? No thank you!!

* a sprinkler! You know…..when the sprinkler’s acting up and it takes off spraying in all the wrong directions! It’s not like it’s going to hurt…but there’s just something that makes me need to get out of there!

* a mouse! I’m a farm girl, so I’m used to all kinds of wildlife, but a mouse running hither and yon freaks me out! I think I even scream, “EEK!”

I’m striking an action pose wearing the High Shine Leggings and Signature Tee, both from Stories & Co. by Flowey! These two items are available at the current round of Collabor88, and if you know some kind of magic password, you may be able to get into it, cuz as of right now it’s still really busy! The leggings come ten colours, either metals or holographic, and have four sizes and SLink compatibility, and the Tee comes in six colours and four sizes and also SLink compatible.

I’m always taken with hair styles that have an emo type feel with angles and eye coverage, so when I saw Luan at [RUNAWAY HAIR], it was a must have!

I’ve added the Momentum Etched hair base from Aitui for something a little different! This is the female version!

The Olivia skin in Tan tone from .::WoW Skins::. is an exclusive to the current round of Designer Circle!

This action pose is pre installed on the new and updated LumiPro HUD and is made by Nantra!

Hands and Feet by SLink.

I’ve been renting a great sky tower, way up in the clouds, at Temporia Prime and in my explorations ended up on the top floor of the Refinery!

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