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The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We live in a world of statistics! I was watching a hockey game with my Dad the other night and we commented on how many things are a statistic. Somewhere there are people sitting and counting how many times a player shoots, hits, and I’m sure even spits! Which is lots!! So, if we put the use of statistics in our everyday lives what would be counted? Here are a few of my numbers! They’re accurate within 4%! I’m successful in finishing the dishes 38% of the time when I start them in the evening! I spend 42% of my waking hours on-line in the winter months! I burn 3.6 tea light candles everyday! I drink 4.8 cups of coffee per a day with each cup containing 7% of 10% cream!! I only watch 6% of the TV channels I have, and I give 110% to anything I attempt!

Today’s outfit is all about taking it easy and relaxing comfortably! I’ll start with the all purpose Petal Boots (open) from NoName! They’re HUD driven with ten colours to choose from and six areas to customize, the boots can also be worn with or without the socks!

Hello Dave has just released the 100th VIP pack! And it’s a doozy! The pack contains six colour palettes with a wide variety of patterns and colours! This is from the Fade to Black pack! If you’r not a VIP yet…..you should be!! 🙂

The Lulu Sweater in black is from Gizza! It’s HUD driven with four colour options for the shirt!

You can’t really see the hair very well, but it’s Samira from [RUNAWAY HAIR]!

The Delphine, bare skin in Honey tone is from Lumae! It’s an older skin so you’ll have to check out Market Place for it, but keep a watch for the new and exciting things that’s going to be happening at Lumae!

The Merino Leggings are from League.

Poses by Purple Poses!

I was making a visit to the Waffle Hut at Missing Mile for the pictures!

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