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New Shoes Cure the Blues

New Shoes Cure the Blues

It’s known that January isn’t the cheeriest of times, the short days, the cold weather, and the post holiday let down all play a part in bringing a person down a little bit! I’ve always suffered a bit from Seasonal Affective Disorder so I take time each day to try to alleviate the symptoms. I soak up the gorgeous sun’s rays when it’s shining, I get outdoors and do an activity that energizes me, and I keep my mind busy! I try to stay occupied with a project like sewing or crafting, finding new recipes to try and if nothing else, I immerse myself in a good book! Oh, and then there’s the time I spend enjoying my Second Life! 🙂

Today starts a new round of the Cosmopolitan Event, and it’s just in time for everyone to get a little retail therapy! Anachron has released a new pair of shoes for the event and they’re a completely unique pair of foot wear that just begs to be tried! The Venetian Chopines are like nothing you’ve seen, they’re for the SLink flat feet and come in six colours! They’re on sale for the duration of the current round of Cosmopolitan!

The pant legs you see here are from the Rene Leather Pants from Blueberry!

I’m wearing the SLink flat feet.

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