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The Many Facets of a Woman!

The Many Facets of a Woman!

I’m inspired to write this post by Nix Marabana, who’s creativity produces the wonderful designs of Anachron!

I chose “Generous” to describe me best! It’s one of my good qualities, among many others. Along with Nix, I too have mixed feelings on the term “inner beauty”! I’m an average looking woman, I have a few grey hairs, a few laugh lines and crows feet and my numerical age is older than is “in” or “hip”! I would never describe myself as beautiful…in or out! It’s just a term that’s extremely limiting, when there’s so many other words that I’d rather be described as! It seems that society, aided by the media, has put so much importance on being beautiful that to be otherwise isn’t acceptable! That women have felt the need to conform to the standards set for beauty has done an injustice to all women! Who is at fault for this? It’s an issue that’s way to big for a mere blog post on Second Life fashion! But, as I look in the mirror and see me…the real me, that I’ve grown quite fond of over the years, I embrace who I am! I’m me…kind, loyal, caring, creative, talented, trustworthy, faithful, witty, and many other things that make me who I am!

For the Oh My Gacha fair, Anachron has released the Inner Beauty Pageant Sash gacha set and although it’s in the late stages of OMG, there’s still time to grab a few of these beauties! Each sash comes in five sizes for men and women and with the number of sashes in the set there should be at least one that has a trait that you’d be proud to wear!

The VTip Silver-Light nail appliers are real stunners from -{ZOZ}-! This one, and two more packs are available at the current round of Cosmopolitan! The nails are compatible with SLink, Maitreya, Omega and the -{ZOZ}- mesh nails!

The Sahra skin is the group gift from .::WoW Skins::.! This is the Milk tone.

The Countess Slip Gown in black is a slinky little number from SN@TCH! Which is having a huge sale this weekend!!

The NO.CASH hair is from no.match.

The Drew Heels are from HILLY HAALAN!

The poses are from Purple Poses.

Pictures taken at the Hazardous sim!

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