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You’ve Obviously Mistaken Me for Someone Who Cares!!

You've Obviously Mistaken Me for Someone Who Cares!!

The title is a line that I’ve always wanted to use, and never have! Just once in my life I’d like to say it after listening to the many woes of someone! You know that someone…the one who takes offence of anything, just to be considered a victim! That person who explains how painful that ingrown toenail is after listening, not so patiently, to the story of your own surgery! The person who explains how hard they work at their government job, not taking into consideration that the person they’re speaking to is working two jobs to make ends meet and looks after a disabled child to boot! There’s all kinds of situations this line would work for, and just once I’m going to have the balls to use it!! 🙂

This time around I have on the Valerie Dress from Stories & Co. by Flowey at the current round of No21, that runs until February 11. It comes in five colours in either latex or leather! I chose the leather here, just cuz I’m a leather type of girl! It comes in four sizes and is also SLink (Physique & Hourglass) mesh body compatible! This dress has some attitude!

Have I mentioned I’m in love? Yes…I am! The Mishi Thigh High Boots from a Blueberry/Reign collaboration has left me breathless! I had to forgo the weekly groceries to get the fatpack, but it’s so worth it! So, these boots have the capability to cover, completely, the pants from Blueberry! The days of wearing thigh high boots with dresses only is over! They’re Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and TMP compatible and come in eight colours! Wowsa!!

Set your alarm, grab that cup of coffee, and do some quality Lazy Sunday shopping! Hello Dave is releasing eight new colour palettes and, like always, there’s something for everyone! I chose one of options from the Had a Plan-Gloss pack which contains 35 gorgeous colours! I had a hard time deciding on this one or a gorgeous plum colour!

The BOMB SHELLS event is running and .::WoW Skins::. has the Dalia skin as it’s exclusive! BOMB SHELLS is a monthly applier/mesh body event happening on the Cleavage region! You can check it out until February 11! Check out my next post when I show you a close up, so you can see my beauty! 🙂

The Fantasy hair is from Unorthodox.

Poses by -slouch-poses, which are no longer available! Which breaks my heart!

I found a great area in the Fantasyland ll region! It’s part of Temporia Prime and if you like sci-fi, this is the place to be! There’s new and exciting things going on at Temporia Prime all the time so stop in and check it out! Click here for the direct land mark to this area!

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