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We All Have Two Lives!

We All Have Two Lives!

We all have two lives! The second one starts when we realize that we only have one!

~Tom Hiddleston~

I really don’t know who this Tom Hiddleston is, but he sure got it right! Just yesterday, I was visiting with my sister and we talked about how being the age we are has made us realize that the things we used to worry about really meant nothing! I sometimes want to give a lecture to anyone under 30 about what’s important! It’s not the skirt that makes hips look big, or the missed opportunity to talk to some good looking guy! It’s not the regret of having to miss the next drunk with your friends because of work or the embarrassment of having a big pimple beside your nose when you have a date with a new guy on Friday night! Heck, it’s not even more major events like a divorce or bankruptcy! What’s really important is enjoying the time we have by spending it with people we enjoy being with! It’s appreciating our elders and knowing that the times we have with them can never come back! It’s knowing that life is too short to be doing things that suck the life out of us leaving nothing but a shell that ‘s impervious to anything nice! Heck, some days, it’s just that first cup of coffee in the morning!

And moving on to the outfit, I’ll begin with Charlotte, Dark Desire from KRALUS! This outfit, including the dress and boots, comes in five sizes plus Fitted and is Maitreya and SLink compatible! The sexy strapless mini has a little boost of girl power from the Charlotte Boots, which can be worn with or without the socks! You can check out KRALUS on Market Place too!

The Delia skin from .::WoW Skins::. is the exclusive at BOMB SHELLS! Delia comes in six tones, this being Milk! The Pathfinder windlight I’ve used has darkened it a little, so expect it a little more milky under other windlights! You can find out more information about BOMB SHELLS first round on the Cleavage website!

The teardrop Turtle, Black, RARE is from the gacha area upstairs at Maxi Gossamer Jewellery! I managed to get in on the Snatch & Grab sale earlier today, to the detriment of my ever expanding inventory!

I acquired this great tattoo before the holiday season for the Peace on Earth 8 hunt! It’s called Creed and is from [White Widow]! I love it!

One of my favourite hair is Eva from Mina Hair!

I’m wearing my much loved Maitreya Lara mesh body!

I took advantage of the pre-loaded poses in the new and improved LumiPro HUD! I love my Lumi!

I took this opportunity to take a look at The Keys! It has loads of places for great photography or just to hang out and relax in the peaceful settings!

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