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Mirror Mirror on the Wall…..

Mirror Mirror on the Wall....

I’m the most kickassingest girl of them all! Ha..I know that’s not a word…but kickass I am!!

I’ve taken a bit of time for some deep thought in the bedroom! There’s lots to think about…..ummm……well how bout some not so deep thought! 🙂 Take a look behind me and to the left…your left….see the mirror? It’s a new release from Bokeh and it would make a lovely addition to your bedroom as well! The Cast Iron Frames come in black, gold, silver and copper and each colour pack contains a version for the wall with a chain, one without the chain and one with a long chain to hang from the ceiling! The default texture is the mirror, but you can add your own texture to it, all the instructions to do that are included!

The Bonita Top from NoName is comfy for a little down time, whatever you may be doing! It’s HUD driven with a dozen textures to choose from! I went with a nice plain blue, but there are options with statements that you may want to make! It comes in five sizes, a fitmesh version and is also Maitreya, SLink and TMP compatible!

The Tantrum hair is from Analog Dog!

The Niska skin in Rosy tone is from Lumae!

I’ve surrounded myself with some of my gacha treasures from the past few years! I’m sitting on the Aristocrat Bed, RARE from Apple Fall. On the Fleur Sideboard , Mahogany, RARE (also from Apple Fall) is the Humpty for Breakfast, pink and the Teacup Piglet, Sundae’s Best from Ohmai. The bowl of hand Painted Eggs are from Surf Co. and the Oolong Teacup Planter, Succulent, RARE from [ARIA}. The Latte[flower] from Standby is also there for my sipping enjoyment! The Scarf Dress Form, RARE is from Schadenfreude.

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