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Wanted: 1 SweetHeart

Wanted: 1 Sweet Heart

I’m looking for someone to fill my life with love and cuddles! Someone who will listen and understand what I’m talking about! Someone who agrees with me, even when they don’t! I’d love to find that special someone who will accept me as I am, even when I have a bad case of PMS and can’t stop growling and barking like a crazy Wookie! Where is the man who admires it when a woman has fifteen emotions in 4 seconds and loves every one of them, that’s the guy I want! And above all else, I want a man who DOES read minds! When I find that guy, I have to offer in return, love and cuddles(at times when the stars are aligned properly)! I’ll always be there for you, to give me back rubs! I’m understanding and will accept your flaws, but we’ll work together to change them! I’m offering my heart, my soul and my loyalty, just remember that I have the dog, the cat and my love of Stephen King and Eddie Vedder ahead of you!

That’s all tongue -in-cheek of course! Even though I don’t have a sweet heart I wouldn’t be anything like that! I’d have the cat ahead of the dog! 🙂

I have a LOT going on in this post! So grab a cup of coffee and hunker down for the duration! I’ll start with…ummmm…..the sandals! Yes…the Tawny Sandals from Slipper Originals! They’re HUD driven with sixteen colours and five metals and are SLink and Maitreya compatible! I was really excited to have a new pair of sandals to wear, with all the snow and cold weather that I’m very tired of, it feels so good to don a great pair of footloose and fancy free sandals to really feel alive!

Next, is the Sugar Heart Purse from Anachron! This is a gacha set for SaNaRae, which runs until February 20! The set consists of fourteen commons, all sugar sweet with white trim, and seven RARE with not-so-sweet sayings and black trim! And since I’m all sugar and spice and everything nice, I chose the Sweet Heart orange common, which matches this dress perfectly!

A new release from Veechi is at the current round of The Showroom! The Diva Smoke Eyeshadow pack contains nine colours on the tattoo layer for classic avatars and also has appliers for Lelutka, Catwa and Genesis mesh heads.

The Sheer Gloss lipgloss in Nude from the updated make ups from alaskametro<3 has me looking all pouty, in a good way! The pack includes six shades of lip gloss in the tattoo layer for classic avatars and is also Omega, Lelutka, SLink Visage, TMP, and Loudmouth compatible.

Under the make up I’m wearing the Niska, bare skin in Rosy tone from Lumae!

The Isis Solar magic from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery adds some much needed sunshine in this time of cloudy and dreary days! I hate to admit it, but I’m sure my folder of Maxi Gossamer Jewellery has more items in it than Maxi’s own!

The Misty Dress, Ohana from Mikunch is perfectly comfortable and casual!

My eyes are Black Swan, classic, medium, bright from Poetic Colors.

The Tina hair is from Amacci!

Poses by Vestige Poses, I don’t think they’re available any more!

I stayed at home on my Sky Tower at Temporia Prime for the shots!

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